Trevor Exter – Solo Cello: Trevor Exter Performs Pink Floyd’s the Wall (2017) [Official Digital Download 24bit/192kHz]

Trevor Exter – Solo Cello: Trevor Exter Performs Pink Floyd’s the Wall (2017)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/192 kHz | Time – 01:18:06 minutes | 2,72 GB | Genre: Jazz
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Solo Sounds

Born in Ithaca, NY, Trevor Exter always played different things but kept coming back to the cello. He sits with the cello and sings, but he plays it weird – like a tiny bass or a big ukulele. He also hits it sometimes. Fascinated by the cello at an early age, he went to Brazil in the 90s, hypnotized by the fire and tenderness in its music. He jammed with young Brazilian musicians who reveled in the Beatles, Coltrane and Ellington as well as their country’s icons – Antonio Jobim, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque and Hermeto Pascoal. His choice rig in those days was a stage mic wrapped in a napkin and wedged under the tailpiece of a cheap cello. The plan was to follow the sound but along the way life happened: gigs, love, fame, loss, despair, and a long detour during which his instrument collected dust. Jobless and broke after 9/11, Trevor gave up on music. A near-death accident in London sent him drifting to Argentina, where he came upon a dirty cello and started experimenting with it. Learning to play again felt like the first time. A style took shape and songs kept coming. Today, first-time listeners are sometimes puzzled when Trevor steps on stage, a cello plugged into an amp the way a rocker bears his axe. After a few disarming remarks and a haunting number or two, a deeper mystery becomes clear: this flame could sweep you up. Performing solo or with his band, Trevor Exter is an original, the kind that brings audiences to the edge of their seats. “Finger-picking and generally slapping around a beat-up cello, Trevor Exter makes music that is both seriously unusual and thoroughly, pleasingly accessible.” Fingertips Music “Singer and unconventional cellist Trevor Exter plucks and whacks at his big instrument and guides it through multiple climaxes.” Time Out New York “If you’re expecting a sedate orchestra recital, you’d better think again…. Exter’s crooning voice harkens back to an era of music where men weren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves.” Chris Kocher, Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin “…makes you feel like you found something you didn’t even know you were missing… Trevor Exter nails it.” Ethan Kanat, “This album is an admirable testament to the purity of Exter’s distinct and exceptional vision.” Urban Folk Magazine on the Water EP Trevor has played with Steve Kimock, Gloria Deluxe, Nicole Renaud, De La Guarda, Gaby Kerpel, Shrine For The Black Madonna, Marc Anthony Thompson, Toujours l’Amour, Philip Hamilton, Bret Mosley, Spottiswoode and his Enemies, Bronwen Exter, Science For Girls, Novatribe, Changos, the Madison Symphony Orchestra and Poon. “I provide, you decide.”

1-1. Solo Sounds – When the Tigers Broke Free (01:42)
1-2. Solo Sounds – In the Flesh? (03:04)
1-3. Solo Sounds – The Thin Ice (02:41)
1-4. Solo Sounds – Another Brick in the Wall (Part I) (03:24)
1-5. Solo Sounds – The Happiest Days of Our Lives (01:41)
1-6. Solo Sounds – Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) (03:52)
1-7. Solo Sounds – Mother (05:38)
1-8. Solo Sounds – Goodbye Blue Sky (02:34)
1-9. Solo Sounds – Empty Spaces (01:48)
1-10. Solo Sounds – Young Lust (03:02)
1-11. Solo Sounds – One of My Turns (03:31)
1-12. Solo Sounds – Don’t Leave Me Now (03:54)
1-13. Solo Sounds – Another Brick in the Wall (Part III) (01:28)
1-14. Solo Sounds – Goodbye Cruel World (01:01)
1-15. Solo Sounds – Hey You (04:16)
1-16. Solo Sounds – Is There Anybody out There? (02:28)
1-17. Solo Sounds – Nobody Home (03:05)
1-18. Solo Sounds – Vera (01:13)
1-19. Solo Sounds – Bring the Boys Back Home (00:44)
1-20. Solo Sounds – Comfortably Numb (05:29)
1-21. Solo Sounds – The Show Must Go On (01:36)
1-22. Solo Sounds – In the Flesh (04:31)
1-23. Solo Sounds – Run Like Hell (04:10)
1-24. Solo Sounds – Waiting for the Worms (04:20)
1-25. Solo Sounds – Stop (00:37)
1-26. Solo Sounds – The Trial (04:39)
1-27. Solo Sounds – Outside the Wall (01:26)


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