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Marine Chagnon, Joséphine Ambroselli – Ljus: Swedish songs (2022) [Official Digital Download 24bit/48kHz]

Marine Chagnon, Joséphine Ambroselli - Ljus: Swedish songs (2022) [Official Digital Download 24bit/48kHz] Download

Marine Chagnon, Joséphine Ambroselli – Ljus: Swedish songs (2022)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/48 kHz | Time – 53:20 minutes | 468 MB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Mirare

In Swedish, Ljus means “light”. It is this indescribable light, typical of the far north, that fascinated Marine Chagnon and Joséphine Ambroselli during their travels in Sweden. A light which, in a region of the world known for it’s cold climate and long winter nights, struck them by it’s brightness and warmth. This album is the memory of that light: it was born of a meeting between two passionate musicians who came together around Swedish melodies – melodies which these young artists interpreted in a very personal, luminous and warm way, bringing out the hope, the joy and the poetry of the most beautiful Scandinavian music.


01. Marine Chagnon – Till en ros (To a Rose) (02:07)
02. Marine Chagnon – Melodi (Melody) (02:14)
03. Marine Chagnon – Det far ett skepp (A ship is sailing) (01:45)
04. Marine Chagnon – Fylgia (Fylgia) (01:58)
05. Marine Chagnon – Den enda stunden (A Moment in Time) (02:46)
06. Marine Chagnon – I lönnens skymning (In the maple’s shade) (02:28)
07. Marine Chagnon – Kom bukken til gutten (Come little buck to the boy) (01:21)
08. Marine Chagnon – Sång efter skördeanden (Song after the harvest) (02:30)
09. Marine Chagnon – Avskedet (The Farewell) (02:31)
10. Marine Chagnon – I skogen (In the forest) (02:15)
11. Marine Chagnon – Äppelträd och päronträd (Apple-trees and pear-trees) (01:15)
12. Marine Chagnon – Den ängen där du kysste mig (The meadow where you kissed me) (02:11)
13. Marine Chagnon – I månaden Tjaitra (In the Month of Tjaitra) (03:14)
14. Marine Chagnon – Vingar i natten (Wings in the night) (01:17)
15. Marine Chagnon – Bön till natten (Supplication to Night) (03:09)
16. Marine Chagnon – För vilsna fötter sjunger gräset (Grass sings under wandering feet) (02:22)
17. Marine Chagnon – Intet är som väntans tider (Nothing is like the time of waiting) (01:54)
18. Marine Chagnon – Och riddaren for uti österland (And the knight rode to the Holy Land) (02:41)
19. Marine Chagnon – Serenad (Serenade) (02:23)
20. Marine Chagnon – Till havs (On the sea!) (02:25)
21. Marine Chagnon – En strandvisa (A Seaside Song) (02:42)
22. Marine Chagnon – När du sluter mina ögon (When you close my eyes) (02:29)
23. Marine Chagnon – Böljeby-vals (Böljeby Waltz) (03:12)


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