Spheric Universe Experience – Back Home (2022) [Official Digital Download 24bit/48kHz]

Spheric Universe Experience - Back Home (2022) [Official Digital Download 24bit/48kHz] Download

Spheric Universe Experience – Back Home (2022)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/48 kHz | Time – 01:09:05 minutes | 913 MB | Genre: Metal
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © UPRISING! Records

From their EPK, “soaring riffs, stunning solos, pounding rhythms and vocals that just nails supreme. This is the approach taken by the French Progressive Metal band as they get to their fifth studio album, titled “Back Home.” The album does not only mean back home to Earth for the space-travelers in the story of the concept, but it also means back home for the band, as they have returned to their original roots.” The album contains thirteen tracks.

“On Board SUE5-2469” opens the album. It’s a very short mood-setter. The mood is somewhat hopeful, as the travelers enter the space vessel on the way into the future. “Final Fate” begins with a hard and heavy riff and some meter changes. They sound a little like DREAM THEATER in their interpretation of the music. The vocalist has an outstanding range as well as nice control. Both the key and guitar solos are also expertly done. “Where We Belong” begins with a boss piano solo followed by more heavy rhythms. Vocal harmonies are well done in this catchy chorus. That sweet little interlude is charming, with thick bass guitar notes and keys.

“Transcending Real Life” begins with some alluring melodies, mostly within the bass guitar and keys. When John gets rolling on the bass guitar, you are treated to his finger magic. The same goes for Fred on keyboards…his runs are pure bliss. “Senses Restored” is a more straightforward mid-tempo rocker with charming undertones. Harmonies in the vocals are quite catchy, and the song builds and relaxes a few times throughout. “Legacy” features a heavier sound with some real pyrotechnics in the instrumentation. “Defenders of Light” opens with a darker and more weighted sound where the bottom end reigns. The band flexes their collective muscles in an extended instrumental passion showing their chops, and they are glorious.

The next two songs are much shorter, and more experimental in nature. “Synchronicity” is an instrumental that features electronic elements and space travel simulation. It’s dark and ominous but also very pretty. “The Absolution Pt 1” continues where the previous track left off. The two songs together are an interlude per se, readying the listener for the final four tracks and the inevitable ending of the journey. “The Absolution Pt 2” is a monumental track with all of the Progressive elements except for the kitchen sink…chugging bass lines, bright keys, heavy rhythms and of emotive vocals.

“Rebirth” is a turning point on the journey. It begins with spoken words from a space traveler. Bass guitar chugs away followed soon by both guitar and keyboard solos. The subject is energizing for the final push. This might be the darkest and heaviest song on the album. “Of the Last Plague” opens with slow and pummeling rhythms and a dirty guitar riff. The vocals have a bit of a snarl to them. They keyboard solo is as strange as it is accomplished. “Dreams Will Survive” closes the album…a nine-minute wrap up. Ominous keys open the song, with slow and steady bass guitar notes. There are several meter and key changes from there, but the song retains a central core, and the crescendo at the end is both fitting and satisfying.

This band is not short on talent, that’s for sure. Honestly, I was afraid they might lose me through 13 tracks, but the album held my interest the entire way through. Like any smart Progressive Metal band, they are dead on featuring the bassist and keyboardist prominently along with the punchy guitarists and glass-shattering vocalist. The album as a whole is very long, but quite memorable. Any fan of Progressive Metal will surely find this to be a dazzling display of musicianship packed with catchy riffs and sounds.


01. Spheric Universe Experience – On Board SUE5-2469 (01:09)
02. Spheric Universe Experience – Final Fate (07:16)
03. Spheric Universe Experience – Where We Belong (05:56)
04. Spheric Universe Experience – Transcending Real Life (07:05)
05. Spheric Universe Experience – Senses Restored (06:02)
06. Spheric Universe Experience – Legacy (04:54)
07. Spheric Universe Experience – Defenders of Light (05:04)
08. Spheric Universe Experience – Synchronicity (02:33)
09. Spheric Universe Experience – The Absolution pt.1 (02:04)
10. Spheric Universe Experience – The Absolution Pt.2 (07:13)
11. Spheric Universe Experience – Rebirth (04:19)
12. Spheric Universe Experience – Of the Last Plague (05:53)
13. Spheric Universe Experience – Dreams Will Survive (09:31)


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