Reinhard Mey – Nach Haus (2024) [Official Digital Download 24bit/44,1kHz]

Reinhard Mey – Nach Haus (2024)
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Four years have passed since the release of Reinhard Mey’s last album.

Four years that have fundamentally changed our world. Certainties are wavering, idols are reeling, beliefs are becoming weapons in the battle of opinions. Mey remains his own biographer on his 29th album and consistently continues the book he began writing with his first album in 1967.

Not because he considers himself so incredibly important, but because he can only report credibly from what he has experienced himself.

Personal memories are the common thread that runs through his work. Again and again, also on topics on which no one else would be able to write songs like him.

If he talks more about social issues on the new album than on the albums of recent years, it is not because he needs to in order to maintain his reputation as the most successful singer-songwriter in the German-speaking world.

These are categories he doesn’t think in, and at the age of 81 he no longer has to prove anything to anyone.

What moves his soul becomes his songs. So who should express themselves if not him?

The new album contains a total of 15 tracks, most of which Mey wrote single-handedly as usual – the traditional album dozen. One of them features a return visit from Hannes Wader, after Reinhard Mey had already visited him for a duet on his latest album. Here, the one (Reinhard) gave the other (Hannes) the lyrics for his 80th birthday. Whereupon the other gave the music to the lyrics for his 80th, following the motto that has united the two for almost 60 years: “My song is your song and your song is mine.” There is another similar division of labour on “Nach Haus”, as the music for “Nota bene” was written by Georg Friedrich Händel. Music historians are certain that the touching lyrics by Reinhard Mey were written later to accompany the music.

It has also been a tradition for decades that Mey also performs encores on studio albums, not just in concert. On “Nach Haus”, it is an intimate arrangement of a song by friend and companion Konstantin Wecker and a joint song sung in English by Mike Silver with his talented fellow singer and son-in-law Matthew Pearn.

The encores are as exciting as the entire album is valuable!

At the latest at the point where his whole family joins him in singing the final refrain “… questo Tavolo non si vende.”, it is once again clear for everyone to hear: nobody knows how to condense the big world, the big stories and his personal world, the little stories, into an inseparable unity and make them sound as a whole so skilfully.

1-01. Reinhard Mey – Das Raunen in den Bäumen (04:31)
1-02. Reinhard Mey – Beef und Lobster (06:57)
1-03. Reinhard Mey – Zwischen Kontrollpunkt Drewitz und der Brücke von Dreilinden (07:38)
1-04. Reinhard Mey – Verschollen (05:36)
1-05. Reinhard Mey – Questo tavolo non si vende (08:29)
1-06. Reinhard Mey – Nichts ist für immer (04:11)
1-07. Reinhard Mey – Zwei Musketiere (04:27)
1-08. Reinhard Mey – Die Legende von den Liebenden (04:52)
1-09. Reinhard Mey – Du hast mich getragen (02:40)
1-10. Reinhard Mey – Miserere mei (06:22)
1-11. Reinhard Mey – Du kannst fliegen (05:29)
1-12. Reinhard Mey – Lagebericht (04:02)
1-13. Reinhard Mey – Black and White 1945 (05:25)
1-14. Reinhard Mey – Schlendern (05:31)
1-15. Reinhard Mey – Nota bene (02:50)


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