Julius Asal – SCRIABIN – SCARLATTI (2024) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Julius Asal – SCRIABIN – SCARLATTI (2024)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:14:03 minutes | 1,04 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Deutsche Grammophon (DG)

Scriabin · Scarlatti creates a dreamlike meditation in which the boundaries between pieces, eras and states of mind fade away. Asal’s full performance of the Sonata is framed by a selection of Scriabin’s etudes and preludes, six sonatas by Scarlatti and two improvisatory Transitions by the pianist himself. Julius Asal chose two different Steinways for the recording, one for its sumptuous dark sonorities, the other for its clear, crisp sound. “These miniatures by Scriabin and Scarlatti are like mythical creatures from another dimension, with their own character, their own life, their own past, present and future.” Everything’s possible in a dream”, says the 27-year-old artist, who has a rare talent for innovative programme curation. “Even seemingly different materials from different times and with different densities can merge and create a new substance that’s never existed before.

Two centuries lie between the two composers Domenico Scarlatti and Alexander Scriabin. Two lives and eras that could probably not be more different. Scarlatti was born in Naples at the end of the 17th century and was already one of the most important representatives of his genre during his lifetime. Scriabin grew up in Moscow around 1900, where his music reflected not just Russian modernism but also significant spiritual and philosophical influences. Although at first glance the two composers seem far apart in terms of style and time, Julius Asal would lead us to believe that musically, the two are intertwined.

At the age of 27, the young pianist showcases a musical and philosophical depth that is uncommon in today’s landscape. Beyond his exceptional technical skills and remarkable musical expression, it’s his profound artistic insight that sets Julius Asal apart from his contemporaries and has rightfully garnered him a contract with Deutsche Grammophon. His dedication to concert and album programming is central to his success, and this project is no exception.”You have the chance to create a new context and new perspectives for a work that has already been played for centuries,” explains Asal, “so these works can appear in a new light without losing their own character.”

At the heart of the album lies Scriabin’s monumental Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 6 in F minor, an early work by the composer that already hints at the richness and maturity characteristic of his later compositions. Asal complements this centerpiece with additional pieces by Scriabin, including selections from the 24 Préludes, Op. 11, and the 12 Études, Op. 8. Furthermore, six keyboard sonatas by Scarlatti are featured, each interpreted with authentic playing that captures the essence of both periods. However, the unofficial highlight undoubtedly rests on Asal’s two original compositions, TRANSITION I & II, which seamlessly blend with the rest of the program, accentuating the album’s unique and personal character. A masterly achievement for the young pianist and a Qobuzissime for us! – Lena Germann

1-1. Julius Asal – IV. Funebre (Prologue) (01:28)
1-2. Julius Asal – Keyboard Sonata in F Minor, Kk. 466 (07:54)
1-3. Julius Asal – No. 20, Appassionato in C Minor (01:02)
1-4. Julius Asal – Keyboard Sonata in C Minor, Kk. 56 (03:36)
1-5. Julius Asal – Keyboard Sonata in C Minor, Kk. 58 (03:54)
1-6. Julius Asal – I. Allegro con fuoco (07:30)
1-7. Julius Asal – II. (Adagio) (05:19)
1-8. Julius Asal – III. Presto (03:40)
1-9. Julius Asal – IV. Funebre (05:23)
1-10. Julius Asal – Keyboard Sonata in F Minor, Kk. 238 (03:24)
1-11. Julius Asal – TRANSITION I (04:30)
1-12. Julius Asal – No. 11 in B-Flat Minor (03:38)
1-13. Julius Asal – No. 21, Andante in B-Flat Major (01:36)
1-14. Julius Asal – Keyboard Sonata in B-Flat Major, Kk. 544 (04:20)
1-15. Julius Asal – No. 4 in E-Flat Minor (01:06)
1-16. Julius Asal – TRANSITION II (03:01)
1-17. Julius Asal – No. 14, Presto in E-Flat Minor (00:55)
1-18. Julius Asal – No. 1 in B Major (02:21)
1-19. Julius Asal – No. 6, Allegro in B Minor (00:57)
1-20. Julius Asal – Keyboard Sonata in B Minor, Kk. 87 (06:35)
1-21. Julius Asal – IV. Funebre (Epilogue) (01:45)


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